About The Band

The Kickback is: Billy Yost, Jonny Ifergan, Daniel Leu, and Ryan Farnham. The group started in Vermillion, South Dakota and eventually wound up based in Chicago. DISASTOUR w/ The Kickback began as a means for the group to kill some time during their first extensive tour and features segments including: "Most depressing moment of the day", "How did the show go?", "Who's Pissed? Who's to Blame?" and "If Michael Keaton were here", along with interviews of house hosts and the occasional live performance. The podcast was created in hopes of shedding light on the unglamorous life of bands who don't have a bus, an insatiable drug habit, or the guarantee that next month's rent will be paid in full and on time.

For more on the group and their music, please visit facebook.com/thekickback or thekickbackband.com